About UCan Promotions

At UCan Promotions we believe with the proper tools and the right attitude you can achieve whatever you choose! 

My name is Scott Johnson and I have a son, Michael, with cerebral palsy.  

To many, Michael is an inspiration. Michael is smart.  He is a dreamer.  He is a fighter. Michael wants to be independent.

Our goal here at UCan Promotions is to help Michael achieve his goal of becoming independent.  UCan Promotions is vehicle to teach a young man the life skills he will need to advocate, defend, and take care of himself.

At UCan Promotions - we take advantage of our 25 years of experience to teach Michael everything we know about sales, business, and being the person he chooses he wants to become.  We teach Michael people skills, communication, leadership, responsibility, the true value of looking someone in the eye - telling them what you are going to do and then doing it, the value of being honest, and finally the joy of giving back. 

UCan Promotions is a promotional marketing company where we help your business put your name or brand on whatever item you choose. We help companies develop marketing campaigns that will get them the most “Bang for their Buck”. We help organizations promote themselves with an effective message, while at the same time helping a young man grow and develop into a successful, independent, and community oriented individual.

At UCan Promotions our motto is “Michael, with the proper tools and the right attitude UCan do whatever you choose.” We truly believe this - and the basic truth is - this translates to you, the customer, as well.  We ask the important questions..."What are you trying to accomplish? Why do you want this? How can we help you to succeed?"

Your question may be, “Sounds good but how is my involvement with UCan Promotions going to help Michael grow and develop in these areas?”

As they say, there is no greater teacher than experience.  Michael experiences and participates in all functions of UCan Promotions. Michael will be witnessing and involved in discussing the initial introductory meetings, marketing strategies, the order process, approval of the product proof and finally the delivery. Michael will be exposed to different types of businesses and what they do. Michael will have the opportunity to meet people who hold positions within these businesses and we will ask why their position is important and how it relates to the success of the company. In doing this Michael will gain the confidence and communication skills necessary to have worthwhile conversations with the people we do business with. If and when challenges arise, we will work through the challenge and discuss them to ensure a successful outcome.

It does not stop there…

At UCan Promotions 10% of all profits are donated to charity. Michael is responsible for choosing the charities, explaining why he chose a specific charity, and how this donation will benefit the charity.

You see: A good salesperson does not need to be able to hold a pen to take an order. He does not need the ability to walk to visit a customer. A good salesperson simply needs the skills and character to do what is right and give the customer what he wants.

As a UCan Promotions customer - you will be helping Michael to not only succeed but to excel at being whoever he chooses to become because, “Michael, with the proper tools and the right attitude UCan do whatever you choose” and so can you!

Thank you for choosing UCan Promotions as you promotional products resource!


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